Covid-19 Update: 26-May-2020

Migrant workers heave a sigh of relief from harassment over payment of rent

With CRDO’s intervention, a group of Chakma brethren who are living in SIDCO Mudalipalyam who off late have been constantly harassed by their landlord’s son-in-law due to inability to pay off their room rent can now breathe a sigh of relief.

With the help of our local contacts we managed to make the landlord’s son-in-law understand the helplessness of our people who have barely anything left to eat, let alone pay rent.

This is far from over, just got a call again from one group living in Krishgnagiri who have been warned to vacate their room if they are unable to pay off their rent by this Saturday. We are following this up.

Covid-19 Update: 25-May-2020

CRDO oversees the return of migrant workers from TN

CRDO oversaw the return of migrants from Arunachal Pradesh in Tamil Nadu facilitated by the state government. CRDO counseled the migrant workers on availing the initiative by the government to return the stranded migrants back home.

CRDO wishes them happy and safe journey back home and thanks the governments of Tamil Nadu and Arunachal Pradesh along with their administrative personnel for faciliting this return.

Chakma migrants workers of Arunachal Pradesh returning from Tamil Nadu

Covid-19 Update: 25-May-2020

CRDO starts distributing masks to QCs
CRDO team distributing masks at Quarantine Centres

CRDO started distributing free hand-made masks to people in quarantine centre. Today CRDO covered Maitripur or Manabhum where a family came back from Dibrugarh and quarantined in primary school was provided masks. CRDO also helped by guiding them in coming back home as earlier they were clueless on their return in this pandemic crisis.

Covid-19 Update: 24-May-2020

A small step towards self reliance amid the pandemic

CRDO is empowering our community people to be self reliant. One example is Punyo Lal chakma and his wife who had lost their jobs in this crisis and they needed a financial push. So, CRDO engaged both of them in making masks for our migrant brethren with an initial project of making 500 masks.

These masks will be distributed to the volunteers and inmates of the various quarantine centers.

Covid-19 Update: 20-May-2020

Mahabodhi Society Bangalore and Right Cause distribute food and essential items to stranded migrants

Mahabodhi Society Bangalore and Right Cause started distributing 500 grocery kits to stranded migrants in and around Bangalore.

Started the day with prayers and blessings from venerable monks and delivered 150 Grocery kits today with the support of all well-wishers and volunteers – visible and mostly invisible on the pics -covering Devangunthi -Hoskote and Mahadevapura area. The exercise is expected to take 3 days.

Everywhere, the anxiety and pain of suffering was palpable on the faces of our stranded brethren, but still the team found occasions to exchange a few tips as to how to deal with this Coronavirus, not to forget the immense love and hospitality shown by the hosts even during such a crisis.

This speaks volumes of our culture, character and indomitable spirit. It was a great humbling experience.

Covid-19 Update: 20-May-2020

Stranded migrants from Arunachal Pradesh issued travel pass

Finally a little sigh of relief for our stranded brothers in Himachal Pradesh as they received the travel pass to to return to Arunachal Pradesh. CRDO had helped them in obtaining the said pass from authorities for their travel back home and is constantly monitoring them.

CRDO sincerely thanks the Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh and Govt. of Himachal Pradesh, for facilitating their return with special thanks to Romil Baaniya, IPS Nodal Officer, Arunachal Pradesh for Himachal Pradesh and Dr. Devansh Yadav, DC, Changlang.

Covid-19 Update: 14-May-2020

A little help for the most needy of the stranded migrant workers

Today CRDO transferred little financial help to 7 brethren in Tiruppur from CRDO Covid-19 Emergency Fund who have been identified as most needy. CRDO thanks to all the generous donors.

All the beneficiaries whole heartedly thanked Team CRDO and the generous donors for this.

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