Covid-19 Update: 20-May-2020

Mahabodhi Society Bangalore and Right Cause distribute food and essential items to stranded migrants

Mahabodhi Society Bangalore and Right Cause started distributing 500 grocery kits to stranded migrants in and around Bangalore.

Started the day with prayers and blessings from venerable monks and delivered 150 Grocery kits today with the support of all well-wishers and volunteers – visible and mostly invisible on the pics -covering Devangunthi -Hoskote and Mahadevapura area. The exercise is expected to take 3 days.

Everywhere, the anxiety and pain of suffering was palpable on the faces of our stranded brethren, but still the team found occasions to exchange a few tips as to how to deal with this Coronavirus, not to forget the immense love and hospitality shown by the hosts even during such a crisis.

This speaks volumes of our culture, character and indomitable spirit. It was a great humbling experience.