Circular for Tiruppur stranded brethren


Date: 10/06/2020

It has been reported to CRDO that about one hundred of our Tiruppur brethren have been handed tokens to travel onboard a train scheduled for departure at around 3 PM tomorrow June 11, 2020. Apparently, they are now very excited and impatient.

On verification by CRDO with SDM as well as DC, Changlang, it has been confirmed that this particular train is not meant for stranded migrants from Arunachal Pradesh and that the tokens were given away by mistake on the part of the local officials for whom it is extremely difficult to differentiate among people of the different states of Northeast.

The SDM categorically warned that “Tomorrow’s train isn’t for workers from Arunachal Pradesh. It is only for Assam and Mizoram. There will be another train for Arunachal Pradesh in next 2-3 days. Workers will be informed about the details once it’s confirmed. So ask Arunachal Pradesh workers not to go to Railway station tomorrow.” He further appealed that our Tiruppur brethren must not head to the railway station tomorrow as it might lead to untoward incidents.

Further, DC Changlang said that “It is not for Arunachal Pradesh. This was issued for Assam and not for Arunachal.” He also confirmed that for Arunachal brethren there will be the next train in 1-2 days.

Therefore, in view of the above, all Tiruppur brethren including those who have been issued tokens to travel as well as those who don’t have tokens are advised with all urgency and seriousness that they must not head to the railway station tomorrow. Rather, wait for 2-3 days more for confirmation from SDM and DC Changlang themselves before a train for Arunachal workers is arranged. For any clarification, please contact @ 97382 05832 / 78993 94688 / 88373 83150

Stay calm and stay safe.