What are the issues and problems being faced by the Chakma & Hajongs in AP ?

There are innumerable issues and problems being faced by the Chakmas & Hajongs in AP at present :

1.  Citizens in theory (by birth) but no full citizenship rights in reality

2. No ST rights unlike many other fellow Chakmas in all other Indian states

3.  No proper school, no college. Most of the Government schools are running with staff shortages.

4. Regular floods washed away vast agricultural lands. Therefore many Chakma families became landless, therefore compelled to work as tenant farmers in Khampti/Singhpo areas.

5. Lack of job opportunities and hunger compelled many families to send their minor children to towns in AP and also in other states to work as domestic help. Many incidents of physical, verbal and sexual abuses were reported. Some cases of missing children who went for domestic help were reported too. Regular migration of youths to cities and towns doing odd jobs is taking place either because they could not continue formal education or being jobless.

6. Due to lack of job opportunities, sitting idle at home, many young children are getting addicted to drugs and alcohols abuse.

7.  No impartial Law and order being practised victimising the innocent Chakma/Hajong people at every given opportunity.

8. Exorbitant tax collected from poor Chakma/Hajong vegetable vendors at border district gates.

9.  Indifferent, rude behaviour and discrimination being faced in most offices and establishments in AP.

10. No proper roads and bridges over Noa dehing river.

The list is not exhaustive.