What arguments being cited against Chakma/Hajong people of AP? What are the counter arguments?

Rights (including ST rights) to Chakma/Hajong tribes will dilute the rights of the indigenous population.Categorise all tribals of AP into two groups:   Chakmas and Hajongs tribes as ST (plains), rest of the tribes as ST (Hills) as prevalent in neighbouring state Assam. This is a pragmatic solution to prevent dilution of rights if any.

The demography of Arunachal Pradesh will change as population of Chakmas is over 200000.
Chakma/Hajong population is only 49784 as per government census 2011. So, allegation of Chakma and Hajong population being 200000 has no substance. Demography changed 54 years back; it will not change as such as growth rate of Chakma/Hajong tribes is lower than the average growth rate of the overall population of AP.
Political right to Chakmas will make indigenous people minority in their own state.Taking into account, the concentration of Chakma and Hajong people in Diyun- Bordumsa MLA constituency, at best they will be instrumental in electing one MLA. What can a single MLA do in an Assembly house of 60?
Arunachal has no resources to accommodate the Chakmas.No extraordinary resources required to accommodate the Chakmas/Hajongs. Like other tribals, they do farming and in fact their contribution in the field of horticulture and agriculture is noteworthy despite hurdles of all sorts being faced by them. However, if state government feels burdened, the central government should be requested to govern the Chakmas/Hajongs people by creating separate District Council.
Chakma/Hajong people are settled temporarily in APIf at all Chakma/Hajong people are to be settled temporarily, they would been kept at Refugee camps in border state Tripura instead of making them travel over 1200 km to NEFA(AP) incurring huge travel expenditure and with risk to lives. Actually, the rehabilitation of Chakma Hajong people in AP was mainly a government strategic decision to safeguard the vulnerable border areas.

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