Why were the Chakmas rehabilitated in AP and not in other parts of India?

The main reasons behind rehabilitating the Chakmas in NEFA ( A.P.) by the Central Government of India  are :

a.  Chakmas are tribal, and so are others  in AP, having similar physical features and food habits, therefore they could easily assimilate.

b. Chakmas follow Buddhism, so does their immediate neighbours Khampti and Singpho communities. Common religion brings people much closer.

c. There were abundant vacant and virgin lands in NEFA to accommodate the Chakmas. Further, topographic conditions of AP (NEFA) resembles  CHT.

d.  Post Indo-China war, it was thought unwise to keep vast border lands vacant, thinly populated and abandoned. The Indo-China war happened in 1962,  therefore Chakma/Hajong tribes were settled there in the period 1964 -1969.

e.  Since time immemorial, Chakmas have been loyal and patriotic to India, therefore they would put up strong resistant in case of incursion by China. In other words, Chakmas were settled in NEFA to act as buffer in the event of attack by China. Accordingly, many Chakmas were recruited in SSB ( Sashastra Seema Bal). So, rehabilitation was a strategic decision to safeguard the border areas.