What is CHT ?

CHT (Chittagong Hills Tract) is a sizeable hilly landmass in Bangladesh bordering Tripura and Mizoram in the north east and Myanmar in the east, connected to main landmass Bangladesh by a bottle neck piece of land. The total area is 13184 square km. In fact, in terms of area, CHT is bigger than the state of Tripura ( 10492 square km). Before Partition of India, these hill tracts used to be inhabited by 98 percent non muslims comprising of Chakma, Marma, Tripura, Tanchangya, indigenous Assamese, Keot (Kaibarta), Chak, Pankho, Mro, Murang, Bom, Lushei, Khyang, and Khumi. 

These tribal people wanted to remain under India and the same was strongly communicated several times by the tribal leadership led by Mr Sneha Kumar Chakma to then central Indian Leadership and the Boundary Commission (committee appointed to supervise Partition). The central Indian leadership assured that CHT would remain under India. But in the end, innocent, simple and marginalized CHT tribal people were made victims of Partition against their will, CHT was unjustly awarded to Pakistan. Alas!!! It was like throwing the sheep among the wolves. Otherwise, by now, CHT rightfully should have been the eighth sister of North East India.