How did transition from CHT to Arunachal Pradesh (NEFA) happen?

The transit period from CHT to AP was full of hurdles and hardships, fear and anxiety and as well of joy coming back to motherland india. During transit period, many lives were lost due to diseases like malaria, jaundice, fever, etc. The long and audacious journey of over 1200 km from CHT to AP, mostly by foot was marked by stoppages at several places at pre erected refugee camps by the government of India. Some new births were recorded too. Each refugee camp consisted of over 50 to 60 rooms made of bamboo and thatch. Such refugee camps were erected in Tripura, and at  Cachar and Ledo, Assam . Chakma refugees came in batches and were made to stay at Tripura or through Lushai hills (present -day Mizoram) refugee camps initially. From there they were moved in batches to either Cachar or Ledo camps duly escorted by government officials. Refugee allowances in cash and kind was provided by the government of India. In some cases, some families had to spend many years in refugee camps until they were permanently rehabilitated in NEFA , now Arunachal Pradesh.