Are Chakma/Hajong people of AP “refugees”?

As a matter of fact, Chakma/Hajong people of AP are no more refugees.  Each Chakma/Hajong family was refugee only for a brief period, which is during the transit from CHT to NEFA (AP) for around 3 to 5 years before the rehabilitation period 1964 to 1969. Supposing, they were to be treated as refugee, the government of India would have preferred to keep them in refugee camps in Tripura near the present Bangladesh border instead of making them travel a long distance of over 1000 km by foot mostly through thick jungles and forest, braving rains, wild animals, etc to reach NEFA (AP).

Further, government of India stopped refugee allowances after rehabilitation as it recognised Chakma Hajong people as fellow citizens of India thenceforth.

Thirdly, Chakma Hajong people got government jobs in SSB, Assam rifles, etc. Citizens get government jobs, not refugees.

Fourthly, many Chakma people had been been recruited in SSB to guard the borders just like any other citizen of India.

Fifth, each village headman was provided a red coat and cap giving legal status and authority to governance.

Sixth, gun licenses were given to Chakmas which citizens are entitled to. Chakma Hajong people got all the above mentioned rights and facilities because the government of India recognised them as citizens.

Indeed, the Refugeehood for Chakma Hajong people ended the moment they were rehabilitated permanently in Arunachal Pradesh.