Covid-19 Update: 30-May-2020

Major issue resolved with regards to stranded migrant workers

We are glad to share with everyone that CRDO has been able to resolve today’s issues that had arisen and escalated quickly.

Here is the series of events that have unfolded today:

10:00 am: CRDO received a distress call that a large number of stranded migrant workers have gathered in one school and are being chased away by the police.

10:10: am: Various calls made to stranded workers revealed that they were told to report to the Railway Station by the police. Upon reaching the Railway Station, they realised that it was a false information as no such train is arranged. Source of it is unknown. Some say it was a ‘verbal communication by the police’- leading to utter confusion and commotion on the ground.

11: 30 am: Reports have come in that all the stranded migrant who have earlier vacated their rooms are not being allowed to enter into their rooms.
12:00 noon: CRDO constituted a SWAT team to tide over the crisis. The immediate task was to identify all the possible stranded migrant workers, thereby to help them to get back to their rooms without any fear and harassment.

12:15 pm:CRDO’s team swung into action.

1:00 pm: Reports have come in that around 160 Chakmas who have earlier vacated their rooms at 50 Compound are facing the wrath of the landlord-to the extent that he even started throwing their bags/ belongings out of their rooms forcefully.

1:15 pm: CRDO tried speaking with the landlords, it didn’t help in most of the cases. However, few landlords did understand the issue and allowed them to re-occupy their rooms, however with some advance rental fees. In the meantime, the landlord at 50 Compound, Karuvapalyam was adamant and even forcefully started throwing their bags/ belongings out of their rooms. CRDO made direct contact with the Local Administration top brass-SDM, SP, Nodal Officer and pressed and urged on them to resolve the crisis as a top most priority.

3: 30 pm: Police team, led by the SP herself reached the spot, summoned the landlord.

4:30pm: Matter is resolved.

CRDO thanks all the volunteers and the local administration and the police department for their timely action to avert aggravating the already tense scenario with respect to the migrant workers who have been jobless since the lockdown.