Covid-19 Update: 7-June-2020

DC, Changlang interacts with the Chakma migrant workers of Tiruppur, TN.

Today, Dr Devansh Yadav (IAS), DC, Changlang connected with the Chakma migrant workers stranded at Tiruppur virtually via video conferencing call. The meeting was triggered after the submission of CRDO Survey Report to the DC directly this morning. The meeting was convened to address and mitigate the growing anxiety and desperation of our stranded brethren and most importantly assure them of the Government’s plan to address all those concerns.

Few key takeaways from the meeting:

  1. To provide ration supplies to the stranded in the next two days, especially those who are in critical needs. (It may be noted that the Administration has already provided ration supplies yesterday)
  2. To arrange train for the safe return of the stranded in the next week two weeks. Train will be scheduled and will be informed in advance.
  3. He reiterated not to fall prey to the fraudulent market token agents and to trust official communication from the SDM, Tiruppur for token distribution.
  4. To allow financial help through CMRF to those who could not avail benefits last time.
  5. He advised them not to return by bus as going by the present circumstances it is not all feasible physically, mentally and financially.
  6. The DC gave a patient hearing to all the concerns and queries raised by the stranded brethren.

CRDO convened, moderated and oversaw the whole virtual meeting from start to finish. The icing on the cake was that our stranded brethren are now much relieved off stress and anxiety, most importantly reassured after having a face to face interaction with their own honourable DC of Changlang. As for CRDO it was worth every bit of the painstaking efforts. CRDO would like to sincerely thank the honourable DC for taking his valuable time out despite being a Sunday today.