Covid-19 Update: 28-May-2020

First batch of migrant workers from Arunachal Pradesh stranded in Tiruppur return home

Glad to share with you all that the first batch of our migrant returnees from Tiruppur are already on their way back home by Tiruppur-Dibrugarh superfast train. The train left Tiruppur town at 1.45 pm today, the 28th of May 2020.

Just to give you a little background as to how the whole series of events unfolded and how CRDO was (and has been)with our brethren to guide and support t hem all throughout thick and since yesterday night.
Series of events:

  1. At around 11 am (Wednesday,27 May), CRDO received a call from one cluster leader from Mudalipalyam informing us that they have been asked to collect tokens from a local Panchayat office. When asked about the purpose of the distribution of tokens, he said apparently tokens would be given to those who would like to back home by train. It created confusion and why not as it was a late night impromptu decision out of nowhere to distribute tokens. CRDO swung into action and asked the brethren to maintain calm until we are able to verify the authenticity of the report(because earlier we had few similar incidents which turned out to be hoax call). The tokens were hard to read as it was sealed and signed in Tamil! Frantically we tried our Tamilian friends to help us decipher the written contents as written on the tokens. Alas, we couldn’t as it was late night, understably our Tamilian friends were fast asleep. We got in touch with the nodal officer, he was not of any help either as it was late night past midnight. We then tried to get in touch with DC office contact, but it didn’t help.
    Finally, we backed our instincts and we trusted it (Proactive decisive leadership). We then got into a huddle and asked our brethren to keep themselves ready to report to the pick up points as instructed by the Panchayat officials.
  2. At 5 am, the ones who have their tokens religiously reported to the pick up points and to their pleasant surprise they saw two to three buses and a large number of police personnel at stand by mode to transport them to the nearby screening center. So finally everyone thought atleast for REAL “Now finally we are going home”.
  3. At around 11am they were taken to a different facility for medical screening.
  4. 12 noon: boarding began. They were also given packed lunch, water bottles, soap, masks.
  5. 1.45 pm: Train departed

The ordeal is far from over, CRDO is tracking and monitoring their homecoming journey so that every possible assistance can be given throughout their journey. That said, CRDO has also apprised the DC, Changlang about the returnees. He expressed his happiness and is ready to extend all possible help to make their transfer from Tinsukia to their their quarantine centres smooth and hassle free.